Danica Pension is part of the Danske Bank Group, which, in terms of total assets, is the largest financial enterprise in Denmark and one of the largest in the Nordic region. The Group offers Danish and international customers a wide range of services in the fields of banking, mortgage finance, pension and insurance, leasing, real-estate brokerage and asset management.

The Group serves personal and corporate customers through banks with nationwide branch networks in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Finland and the Baltics.

Private Banking
The Group also has branches in London, Hamburg and Warsaw. A subsidiary in Luxembourg serves private banking customers, and a subsidiary in St. Petersburg serves a number of corporate customers.

Insurance, pension, mortgage finance and asset management
The Group’s insurance activities are handled by Danica Pension, which offers life and pension products under its own brand name. Mortgage finance activities are provided by Realkredit Danmark. The Group also provides asset management services to institutional clients and life insurance policyholders.

Our qualified and professional staff provide an individual service tailored to the wishes and needs of customers.

Growth and development
The Group continues to expand its activities to take advantage of promising business opportunities that also offer a satisfactory return. Our considerable capital strength enables us to both expand our business universe and adapt existing activities in a competitive market environment.

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Financial reports
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