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We are a young company with an old history. Read more about our values, history and other facts, which will give you an idea of who we are.​

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With more than 800,000 customers, we are one of the largest pension companies in Denmark. We specialise in pensions, life insurance and health insurance and we have total pension funds of DKK 500 billion and annual contributions of DKK 50 billion.

Backed by a group
Danica Pension is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group. We have regional offices in large towns around Denmark and a subsidiary in Norway, where we are seeing strong growth.

900 employees in two countries
Danica Pension employs some 900 people. The Company’s executive management consists of Ole Krogh Petersen​, CEO, together with Jesper Mølskov Høybye and Søren Lockwood.

Socially responsible
We take our corporate social responsibility in the investment area seriously. For example, we don't invest our customers’ pension savings in companies that deliberately breach international standards on human rights, environmental protection, employee rights or anti-corruption. We also take part in the Danske Bank Group’s sustainability efforts.

Accessible to our customers
In recent years, we have focused on ensuring more openness in areas of interest to our customers. For example, we have introduced various measures to establish complete openness about expenses and returns. Here on our website, our customers can take a Pension Check, which ensures that our customers’ pension schemes are regularly adjusted to ensure reasonable coverage at all times. The Pension Check is easy to use and gives customers security and an overview of their pension. It is completed in just ten minutes.

We are proactive and want to stay one step ahead of our customers. That means that we contact our customers with clear recommendations for their pension scheme when major changes happen in their life, such as a move, marriage or a change in salary.

We continually develop our customer service and advisory services. This includes digital tools and solutions that make it easy to be a customer.

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Pensions and insurance
Your pension scheme is not only about pension savings, but also insurance for you and your family.

Pensions and insurance