Danica Traditionel

Danica Traditionel is a safe choice if you do not want to worry about investments and equity prices. Quite simply, you will receive an interest rate that will typically be set once a year.

In addition, a Danica Traditionel scheme always provides guaranteed payouts. As the scheme offers a strong and stable return, you can safely let your savings grow, while focusing on the things in life you enjoy the most.

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The price of a Danica Traditionel scheme depends on

  • whether you already have a pension scheme with us
  • how much you contribute each month
  • whether you are a personal customer or a member of an occupational pension scheme
  • whether your pension scheme is voluntary or chosen by your employer

Price protection - an extra safety net in hard times
During periods of major turbulence in the financial markets, some customers may speculate in transferring their savings prematurely so that customers not transferring their savings will suffer an extra loss. We can prevent this by activating a price protection mechanism so that a premature transfer will cost a certain percentage of savings.

The price protection mechanism currently stands between 0,0 - 4,7 %.

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What is important to remember if you are getting married or become unable to work?

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