Danica Link

Danica Link is the right pension scheme for you if you wish to play an active role in choosing how to invest your savings. You can choose your own investments and your savings will be invested through unit trusts.

The scheme offers you a high return on your pension savings and a high degree of certainty as to the amount of pension you will receive when you retire. The reason is that you decide how much risk you are willing to take.​

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Danica Link is a flexible pension scheme. It allows you to choose your own investment strategy that perfectly matches your needs, requirements and risk profile.

Danica Link offers you

  • the possibility of making your own investment decisions
  • the potential for high returns


You decide
You decide how to allocate your savings between equities and bonds. If you are willing to take a risk, you could for instance start with a high or aggressive equity share. And you can choose a different risk profile and investment strategy at any time.

We cooperate with a number of unit trusts in whom we have complete confidence. You can choose from all of them, and you can switch between the various unit trusts at any time. 

Pension payments - capital pension scheme, annuity pension scheme or life annuity
When you establish a pension scheme, you also choose how to receive your pension payments on retirement. You may receive a lump sum or a regular income - and for different periods of your retirement. Your pension scheme will typically be set up as a capital pension scheme, an annuity pension scheme or a life annuity. Read more about payout options.