Danica Select

If you want to manage your pension investments yourself, you should choose Danica Select. With Danica Select, you get complete freedom to influence the return on your pension savings.

You invest your savings in shares, bonds and unit trusts and have full control of your portfolio composition. Your contributions are paid into a cash account with an associated custody account, in which you keep your investments.

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If you have any questions about investments in your Danica Select scheme, you always contact Investing Direct on +45 70 20 22 96.​

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Danica Select offers you

  • complete freedom to decide how to invest your pension savings
  • full responsibility for your returns
  • the opportunity to monitor your investments closely


You can monitor your investments closely
You decide exactly how you want to invest your savings – right down to the individual types of securities. You can choose between different trade types and e.g. set a specific price at which you wish to trade.

You can monitor the performance of your investments in your pension account and see your trading activities, price charts and returns as well as trading and security details. You can monitor your active orders, movements in the prices of your securities and gain access to a wealth of other information that can help you make the right investment decision. 

Pension payments – capital pension scheme, annuity pension scheme or life annuity
When you establish a pension scheme, you also choose how to receive your pension payments on retirement. You may receive a lump sum or a regular income – and for different periods of your retirement. Your pension scheme will typically be established as a capital pension scheme, an annuity pension scheme or a life annuity. Read more about payout options.