​When you become unemployed, your employer's contributions to your pension scheme cease. You should therefore focus on what is most important to you.

Your options
  • You can continue your pension scheme and often maintain your insurance covers with us at attractive rates and on attractive terms by making contributions yourself.
  • You can postpone your pension contributions and often keep your insurances for up to a year after your employment has ended if you have saved up a sufficient amount. When you start making contributions again, we will deduct the amount that you owe from your savings, and you do not have to provide new health information. You have to pay tax-free insurances immediately if you want to keep them.​
  • You can stop making contributions. This will mean that your insurance covers will lapse or be reduced. If you wish to resume making contributions at a later date, you must provide us with new health information, and your rates and terms will not be the same.
We recommend
  • Contact us so that we can discuss your options and how best to protect you and your family.

What should you do now?
Call us on +45 70 11 25 25 so that we can plan how your pension scheme is to be continued.