New jobNew job

​When you change jobs, you will often be covered by a new pension scheme.

Your options
  • You can make contributions to your pension scheme through your new employer.
  • You can continue your pension scheme with us by making contributions yourself, for example if your new employer does not have a pension agreement.
  • You can stop making contributions. This will mean that your insurance covers will lapse or be reduced. If you wish to resume making contributions at a later date, you must provide us with new health information, and your rates and terms will not be the same.

We recommend

  • If your new employer has a company pension agreement, you should consider whether it meets your needs and when you will be covered by the insurance. Contact us if you are not covered by your new corporate pension scheme from the date when your new employment begins.
  • If your new insurance covers meet your needs, terminate your insurance covers with us to ensure that you are not over-insured. Alternatively, contact us so we can help you determine which insurances you should continue.
  • If your new employer does not have a company pension agreement, contact us so we can help you determine which insurance covers to continue.
What should you do now?
Call us on +45 70 11 25 25 so that we can plan how your pension scheme is to be continued.